746th FEAF in the media

On Friday March 19, 2021, The 746th was featured in a 2 minute segment on NPR's Morning Edition focusing on lead trumpet player Richard Burt and his grandson, Jason Burt, as he pursues a Best Historical Album Grammy in 2022 for his grandpa and the WWII veterans of the 746th Far East Air Force Band.  On Saturday March 20, 2021, NPR followed up their two minute segment with a full length article by Taylor Haney where he takes a comprehensive look at what historian Jason Burt is hoping to accomplish with this album for World War II and current veterans serving in the military. "A Grandson's Gift- A Spotlight-For His Grandfather's WWII Band."

On Monday March 15, 2021, Inside Edition picked up the story of the 746th Far East Air Force Band and their quest to raise money for the USO and earn a Grammy award for World War II, labeling the story "Inspirational." -Grandson on Mission to Get Album WWII Vet Grandpa Recorded With the 746th Far East Air Force Band in the Philippines Campaign Nominated for Grammy.

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A World War II recording that had been lost for nearly a half-century was discovered in an attic—and it’s believed to be the only known recording by a frontline military band stationed with troops near a battlefield. The band was spontaneously celebrating the end of WWII by laying down a track of music—and now one of their grandsons has rediscovered it, and remastered the discs, with the hopes of winning a Grammy. #Grammy4WW2

Episode 44 Jason Burt:  Jason Burt is a historian and teacher from West Sacramento, California. His grandfather, Richard Burt, was the lead trumpet player of the 746th Far East Air Force Band that was stationed in the Philippines, during World War II. From Leyte to Luzon, they played music for service members, civilians, generals, and dignitaries - at times, right on the front line with fighting going on directly behind them. But one of the most unique things they did was to record the only known full-length album by a Front Line band unit during World War II and it was created in their performance tent with limited equipment. Jason worked with sound engineers at Lurssen Mastering, who have 5 GRAMMY awards between them and the original album was digitalized, cleaned up and mastered. It's a fascinating story with an inside glimpse of a time long past.

Episode 132 The 746th Far East Air Force Band:  

Richard Burt was part of the the 746th Far East Air Force Band, based in the Philippines.  At the end of WWII just before the band were to split up, using a single microphone they recorded a final performance to magnetic wire. Richard Burt brought these recordings home and had them transferred to 78rpm discs. Burt squirrelled away these discs and were largely forgotten until they were rediscovered after he passed away.  In this episode I’m talking to Historian Jason Burt about his grandfather Richard Burt.