The 746th FEAF Story

My name is Jason Burt and I am  a historian and teacher from West Sacramento, California.  My grandfather was the lead trumpet player of the 746th Far East Air Force Band that was stationed in the Philippines, during World War II.  My grandfather and the band had unique experiences, during the war, including:

-Playing taps at the funeral service of legendary World War II pilot, William E. Dyess.

-At times, playing shows on the front line, with fighting going on directly behind them.

-Playing the military formation (awards ceremony) for the Angels of Bataan, after they were freed from their POW camp.

-Creating the only known, full length album, by a front line band unit during World War II.  This album was created in their performance tent, with limited equipment, at Fort Mckinley, Philippine Islands....far from any radio or recording studio.

Those recordings were made into an album that inlcudes a 28 minutes oral history by my grandfather about his experiences with the band and 9 minutes of 8mm film of the band in the Philippines.  After 75 years, the album will be released this Veteran's Day with the goal of making these World War II veterans a platinum selling artist.